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Alternative Process for Issuing Working Papers During COVID-19 School Closures

Guidance from the NYSED website

  1. Parents/guardians and minors complete the appropriate application form.
  2. Once completed,  email it to Kathy DeCarlo or Rebecca Salerno.
  3. The Certificating Officer will schedule a video call with the minor, and if required, the parent or guardian. During this video call, the minor presents required documentation as per the Certificating Officers Manual.
  4. Certificating Officers will then complete the working card, sign it, and mail it to the minor.
  5. The minor should sign the card upon receipt. The requirement that the minor sign the card in the presence of the certificating officer is temporarily waived for the duration of New York’s COVID-19 school closures. Certificating Officers must continue to use approved working cards.


For more information, please see the Employment of Minors page on the NYSED website.