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National Honor Society

Membership and induction into the National Honor Society is a special honor, and as such, induction into the Honor Society is only possible after a successful review and subsequent invitation from the Harrison High School Faculty Advisory Committee (HHS FAC) . While completion of the prerequisites described in this handbook is mandatory, their completion does not guarantee induction into the Harrison High School Chapter. Upon your completion of all the prerequisites and the candidacy period, HHS FAC will convene to review and evaluate each candidate’s qualification for membership. The HHS FAC will consider evidence of each candidate’s prior offerings as well as his/her potential for continued contributions in the areas of leadership, character, service, and scholarship. A formal invitation of induction will be issued to the successful candidates immediately following the HHS FAC candidate review meeting.

The following handbook provides the candidate, as well as inducted members, a reference concerning expectations for HHS NHS candidates and members. In addition, the handbook also provides important deadline information and contains log sheets that will be vital for candidates and members for partial fulfillment of membership requisites.

NHS Candidate Member Handbook