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Student Activities / Extracurriculars



Club Advisor(s) 
Art Club Ms. Rowe
Astronomy Club Ms. Carew
Chemistry Club Ms. Rao
Dance Connections Ms. Toteda
Debate Team Mr. Hertzig

Ms. O'Brien and Mr. Santo

Engineering Club Mr. Schweitzer
Footlight Players Ms. Test and Ms. Toteda
French Club Mr. Della Penna
Friends of Rachel Mr. Espinosa and Ms. Libertino
Gay Straight Alliance Ms. Reilly
HHS Playhouse Ms. Haberli
HPAC Tech Crew Mr. Platte 
Husky Harmonics Ms. Test
Husky Herald Mr. DelRosso and Mr. Trebatch
Husky Media Club Mr. Nicol
 I’M Harrison Ms. Fiore and Ms. Asanza
Italian Club  Ms. Distasio 
Jazz Workshop Mr. Briem
Literary Magazine Ms. Barash 
Majorettes Ms. Zumbo-Penney
Marching Band Ms. Loertscher and Mr. Briem
Math Club

Mr. Burns and Mr. Ciavarella

Model Congress

Ms. Merritt

Peer Leaders Dr. Abbott and Dr. Singer
Physics Club Mr. Gunnell
Relay for Life Mr. Trebatch, Mr. DiGioia and Mr. Radoslovich
ROTOY Dr. Abbott an Dr. Singer 
Spanish Club Sra. Salinas and Sra. Conte 
Strings Club Mr. Bastone
Symphonic Winds Ms. Loertscher

Ms. Vitarello

Young Americans for Freedom Mr. Della Penna
Youth 2 Youth Ms. McCarthy
Youth Volunteers of Harrison Ms. DiFiore 


 Freshman Class

 Ms. Carew & Ms. Heath

 Sophomore Class

  Ms. Konrad 

 Junior Class

  Ms. DeGrazia & Ms. DiTomaso

 Senior Class

 Ms. Hart & Ms. Rao