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February 2023 letter

February 2023

Dear Harrison Families,

January marked not only the beginning of a new year, but also the start of planning for the next school year, a time to stop, reflect and look ahead. 

Transition time at Harrison High School means grade level meetings with building administrators, individual meetings with counselors, and visits by 8th graders as they prepare to join the HHS community.  Plans for next year are taking shape, counselor meetings began in January and will continue throughout the spring. Each meeting reflects the unique qualities and individual choices of every student.  Counselors meet students “where they are,” understand the importance of seeing the whole child, and support students as they assess options and make the choices that are best for them.  

What makes Harrison High School different?  Choice. Opportunities and choices are boundless and structures are in place to support students: broad course offerings, extension classes, extra help.  Our goal is to remove any barriers that restrict student choice; all exam fees are paid by the district, access to courses is open to all students. Our goal is to support your children each step of  the way as they make choices, develop a unique voice and ownership of their high school experience. 

Programs we offer to support students and families: 



  • Academic Advisement for Rising Juniors Presentation to 10th grade students 

  • Welcome 8th grade students to the high school 

  • February - Pre-ACT for all 10th grade students (April - PSAT10 for all 10th graders)

  • MYP Criterion Reporting in Grades 9 and 10 - Upcoming PTA Presentation (February 15th)

The vibrancy of Harrison High School comes from your children. Their generosity and spirit defines our school community, and shines light on all we do. Thank you for your continued partnership on their journey.


Kimberly Beukema