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Guidelines for Student Participation

Arts & Athletics Guidelines

The Harrison Central School District provides all students with access to arts-related and athletic performance opportunities, consisting of participation in curricular, extracurricular, and co-curricular groups. Many of our students are often involved with both arts and athletic offerings, and our department recognizes and acknowledges the attention required to carefully manage multiple commitments. We offer some guidelines, therefore, to support students and their families on how best to make informed decisions with regard to satisfying requirements to a group when events conflict.

District-sponsored Athletic Teams and Arts Groups 

Winter and spring district music concerts (inclusive of dress rehearsals) are mandatory for students enrolled in band, orchestra, chorus, & dance. Families should assume the responsibility to review both the schedules of athletic teams and the district calendar (which reflects community performances) in advance of a season to avoid conflicts for students . Missing a concert, for example, will leave the student without a grade for the
assessment, and alternate assessments will only be given in extenuating circumstances. Below are some scenarios to help guide planning for instances in which arts and athletic commitments conflict:

  • Should a student have a concert (inclusive of dress rehearsals) that conflicts with a regularly scheduled athletic practice, the student should attend the concert, as it serves as an assessment for a curricular course.
  • Should a student have an athletic game that conflicts with a regularly scheduled arts rehearsal, the student should attend the athletic game.
  • In the case of a game or state or regional athletic competition conflicting with a concert, the coaching staff and arts faculty will work with families to help students make the best decision possible. Advanced notice is appreciated.

Travel Teams

As travel teams operate outside of the district, we understand that families must oblige by the schedules put forth by the respective organizations administering them. We ask, however, that families refer to the district calendar, which is disseminated every August, to identify conflicts with as much advance notice to coaches and teachers as possible. In the case of a district event falling in direct conflict with a travel game, (i.e. concerts
and dress rehearsals) the student will be expected to participate in the district event. Such performances serve as assessments tied to curricular courses and attendance for all students is mandatory.